Green-Lite®- 7″ x 5.25″ Rectangle Ultraviolet Visible LED Magnifier – ESD Safe

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Our Green-Lite® – 7” x 5.25” Rectangle Combined Ultraviolet/Visible LED Magnifier allows users to view objects with either kind of light, precisely directed and brightness controlled.

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Product features for  Green-Lite® 7 x 5.25’’ Rectangle Ultraviolet Visible Magnifier ESD (82400-4-UV-B) With Combined Ultraviolet/Visible:

Whichever option you choose, the results are a handsome, ESD-safe tool that improves your working experience whether you’re inspecting circuit boards or checking the integrity of a weld.

  • 4 Diopter—2x magnification
  • Crown White Optical Glass
  • 12 LED array only consumes 8w on high
  • 8 Ultraviolet LED lights/4 Visible Lights
    – Allows for  Ultraviolet only, visible only, or combination blend
    – Excellent tool for conformal coating inspection, inclusion detection, gem identification, dye penetrant crack inspection, and more
  • 365nm UV wavelength
  • 100-240v (50/60hz) auto-switching transformer for worldwide use
  • Adjust three banks of LEDs with intuitive lighting controls
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Construction
  • 43″ Reach (30” optional)
  • ESD Safe
  • Table Edge Clamp standard, other mounting options available
  • 5 years / 50,000 hours pro-rated LED warranty
  • 5-year mechanical warranty, the best in the business

Superior Magnification

We offer the most oversized lenses in the industry. Our standard magnification is 4 diopter (2x), an O.C. White exclusive. We use only precision ground, crown white optical grade glass, unlike the competition. As a result, this provides the highest resolution, without any green tint, ghosting, or chromatic separation.

Is Brilliant Light That You Control 

The Green-Lite® 7” x 5.25” Ultraviolet-Visible Magnifier ESD (82400-4-UV-B) includes 12 surface-mounted LEDs arrayed around the lens. 8 are UV lights; 4 white lights. They can be used in tandem, or individually. These lights provide 4x the lumen output of our competitors. Their brightness and angle can be easily controlled through a back-lit button conveniently built into the magnifier’s shade.

Despite their stunning brightness, the LEDs are highly efficient (only consuming 8w on the highest setting), and unlike bulbs, they don’t need to be regularly replaced. An auto-timer shuts the lights off after four hours, if not in use.

Robust Arm & Multiple Bases

O.C. White Co. has been building industrial armatures for over a hundred and thirty-eight years. Many of our older arms are valued collectors’ items and still work as they did when constructed. The same robust, high-strength design is true of Green-Lite®. The extruded aluminum design provides precise movement and lasting holding power over its full reach (choose between 30” or 43”).

A table edge clamp comes standard, but several alternative bases are available. Alternately, if you need illuminated magnification in multiple locations, consider our no-tip rolling stand.

The same magnifier with white lights is available here.

The same magnifier with combined white and ultraviolet lights is available here.

For our selection of magnifier mounts, replacement lenses, add-on auxiliary lenses, LED bulb diffusers, and replacement bulbs, please visit our Magnifier Accessories.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 30 in

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100 Volt – 240 Volt

ESD Safe

Light Source

Mounting Option

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