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Building quality broadcast gear for audio professionals with flexible, silent positioning for your microphones and monitors.
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Broadcast gear for audio professionals

O.C. White has a long tradition of innovation in building quality broadcast gear for audio professionals. Working with RCA in the 1970s, we built the industry standard in microphone support arms. Today, we’re building mic booms found in recording studios around the world. The all-metal design of our rugged, industrial-strength armatures allows us to hold up some of the heaviest microphones made. Assembly is simple. The specially designed music wire springs keep their movement totally silent on air.

Our new ProBoom® Ultima® line offers many of the same features as our Elite family of products (see below), but it is also highly scalable. All components fit together quickly. From a single mic and/or monitor setup, easily expand to an array, all connected, wires hidden—all in minutes. The low profile design keeps these mic arms near the table and out of camera view.

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The ProBoom® Elite® series has provided generations of recording artists one of the toughest and most rugged industrial armatures money can buy. There’s a lot of technology built into that retro look—music-wire springs, thick aluminum armatures, solid CNC machined base block, clutter-reducing wire channels, and adaptable, interchangeable configurations. Every piece is designed to give your microphone an ergonomic, solid and silent foundation. We also manufacture a range of round table designs, to accommodate multiple microphones from a single mounting source.

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For years, audio professionals have turned to O.C. White for premium broadcast gear. Now, we offer an arm for everyone. With a design based on what’s used in many recording studios today, the Podcast Pro® is exactly what podcasters have been looking for. A handsome, easily adjustable, squeak-free mic arm for a price that deserves a double take. (Microphone not included.)

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Beautiful Neumann U87 Ai Set Z Mounted On ProBoom® Ultima® Mic Arm
ProBoom® Ultima® Mic Arm w/ Riser