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Whether measuring by pixels, nanometers, millimeters, meters, or inches, O.C. White’s line of digital microscope inspection packages provide a vast collection of features. We offer an array of modular options to meet a variety of needs and work spaces.

We offer a variety of ESD Safe lighting solutions with our magnifiers: LED, fluorescent and ultraviolet technology. All magnifiers use only crown white optical glass for perfect color rendition, clarity and resolution. The adaptability of our products drastically reduces eye strain and user fatigue. Our strong, fully posable support arms easily allow technicians to place their tools exactly where they need them. Fully dimmable lights provide a blended white 5000k light that’s easy on the eyes and ideal for inspecting. This keeps workers’ attention focused on the task in front of them and increases operator health and happiness.

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Our line of HD digital microscope inspection systems, such as the Super-Scope® AF+, features our industry leading varifocal lens technology, allowing for up to 80x magnification (optical) for working distances that can be measured in feet, rather than inches. Unlike a microscope, technicians can magnify objects held in their hands, even as they’re rotated and moved around. Our Auto-Focus versions also have built-in intelligent software that automatically adjusts the image into focus without needing to touch or alter the lens. Calibrated measurement and real time comparison tools help keep work well documented and consistent—without needing a PC!

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There is good reason you find O.C. White microscopes on the production floor of almost every major electronics manufacturing services firm, defense contractor, and aerospace giant. They all demand nothing but the highest quality and ESD safety. Whether your inspection task calls for a simple laboratory style stereo zoom microscope, a dual-camera, ergonomically adjustable modular common main objective microscope, or something in between, O.C. White has you covered.

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Our line of Micro-Lites® help keep your work illuminated. With their quadrant control and dimming features, you can adjust the brightness to fit whatever object you’re viewing beneath binocular and trinocular microscopes.

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O.C. White is the world’s oldest and most respected machine tool illumination manufacturer. From our earliest beginnings, O.C. White lamps were the choice for machine builders, as well as machine operators. Our latest models have set the standard for industrial lighting.

Our classic Ultraflex® and Uniflex® lighting solutions feature versatile and incredibly rugged designs—models built more than a century ago can still be found in use in old factories to this day!

Our new LED machine lighting comes in both Linear and Spot-lite configurations. Water resistant and incredibly bright, whether you are looking to outfit a simple Bridgeport®, all the way up to a larger CNC center, we have a lighting solution to fit yours needs.

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Building off of our world renowned Ultraflex® spring arm strengths, we proudly offer a series of fume removal products, all built with the same quality and dedication that have made O.C. White the market leader for over a century.

The Ultra Exhaust Fan features 550cfm of air pushing power.

Our ESD Safe Fume Absorber helps clean up your bench space from a bulky fume remover, and makes your work area more productive.

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Since 1883, O.C. White has been building industry leading armatures to support products of all shapes and sizes. Our monitor support systems are used in broadcast control rooms, 911 call centers, manufacturing facilities, offices, hospitals, among many other applications. See why our customers continue to choose O.C .White first for their monitor support needs.

O.C. White’s Ultima® SMS (scalable monitor and mic system) provides an easily scalable system of rugged monitor arms. The arms can hold between one and six monitors, each monitor weighing between 4-14lbs. Cabling is hidden inside the arms for a clean appearance. In addition to monitors, the arms can support microphones, magnifiers, and document holders. Start with one of pre-configured, complete package offerings, or customize your workspace the way you want it!

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Micro-Lite® is synonymous with cutting edge, highest performance microscope illumination. High-powered magnification coupled with dimmable lighting brings even the tiniest, most hidden details into focus. We have dozens of microscope lighting options to fit every need and almost all microscopes on the market today.

Our Micro-Lite® High Intensity 6000k LED Ring Illuminator is both energy efficient (it uses a scant 8w!) and the brightest on the market—rivaling even 150w halogen illuminators.

For customers who require more control over their lighting, the Micro-Lite® Quadrant Control High Output 80 LED Ring Light offers two precision angled rows of 40 LEDs. You can choose any combination of 10 LED quadrants to turn on and off, and each row of LEDs is fully dimmable.

We also carry our patented fluorescent ring lights and various 150w Halogen Fiber Optic models.

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Bonkote™ Bon Pens are refillable flux pens that provide pinpoint accuracy for applying flux to your work area, allowing for accurate flux dispensing on the work area, while eliminating dripping and flooding.

Available in seven distinct styles for different applications, Bonkote™ Bon Pens are very easily cleaned and maintained with alcohol or water, depending on flux use. The pens are ESD Safe and RoHS compliant and accept a whole array of fluxes. Both the tips and cartridges are available for purchase, so you can reuse either for extended lengths, without having to continually buy entire new assemblies. You can also use a single cartridge, and simply buy the various replacement tips to save on costs. The special polymer used in the cartridge allows for repeated use, without performance degradation.

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