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modular stands for multiple monitors

Since 1883, O.C. White has been renowned for crafting durable and reliable stands, supporting a wide range of products. Our expertise extends to the creation of modular stands for multiple monitors, designed to meet the unique needs of various industries such as broadcast control rooms, 911 call centers, manufacturing facilities, offices, and hospitals. The remarkable feature of our modular stands is their effortless setup process. Simply position your monitors precisely as desired, and they will remain securely in place.

Fully Scalable Monitor and Microphone System

With the flexibility to orient some monitors vertically and others horizontally, stack them, or line them up, the possibilities are endless. Unsure of your preferred configuration? Feel free to mix and match options until you achieve complete satisfaction. Discover why discerning customers consistently choose O.C. White for our exceptional modular support stands tailored to accommodate multiple monitors. This system is compatible with our GEN 2 ULP Microphone Boom Arms.

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O.C. White’s Scalable Monitor System (SMS) begins with this single monitor stand. With a 45° fixed armature and special table edge clamp, it comes ready to go. Set up is simple. The stand positions precisely and will remain in place indefinitely. Cabling is hidden in side the armature for a clean look. And durability? Often, our arms last longer than the monitors they support.

When you’re ready to add a monitor (or two, three, four…), this arm can be used as part of a larger configuration.

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O.C. White’s ProBoom® Ultima® SMS (scalable monitor system) is a modular armature for supporting and positioning between two and six monitors. To keep a clean appearance, the cabling hides inside the arms. In addition to mounting monitors, the system supports microphones, magnifiers, and document holders. Start with one of our pre-configured monitor stands and customize your workspace the way you want it!

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