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Since 1883, O.C. White has been building durable, reliable stands to support products of all shapes and sizes. As a result, our modular stands for multiple monitors can be found in broadcast control rooms, 911 call centers, manufacturing facilities, offices, and hospitals. Set up is a snap. Position your monitors exactly as you want, and they stay put. Orient some vertically and others horizontally. Stack them, or line them up. Not certain how you want them? Mix and match your options until you’re satisfied. Find out why, when our customers have multiple monitors, they choose O.C. White for modular support stands.

O.C. White’s ProBoom® Ultima® SMS (scalable monitor and mic system) is an easily scalable, modular armature for supporting and positioning multiple monitors. This stand holds between one and six monitors, each monitor weighing between 4-14lbs. To keep a clean appearance, the cabling is hidden inside the arms. In addition to mounting monitors, the system can support microphones, magnifiers, and document holders. Start with one of our pre-configured monitor stands and start customizing your workspace the way you want it!

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