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Magnifying Lamps
  • What does “power” mean for magnifiers?

    The degree to which a magnification lens enlarges the appearance of an object is its power. A magnifier that makes an object appear twice its size is 2x.

  • What is “field of view”?

    The field of view is the size of the magnified area in focus under the lens. The greater the magnification, the smaller the field of view, but the more detail is shown.

  • What is “focal length”?

    Focal length is the distance from the bottom of the lens to what you are looking at. The stronger the lens, the smaller the focal length.

  • What is a “diopter”?

    Diopter refers to the curvature of a lens and affects magnification. As the curvature increases, the lens becomes thicker. Light rays are redirected to fill a greater portion of the viewer’s eye, making objects appear bigger.

Machine Lights
Video Inspection
Task Lighting
  • What are the primary benefits of task lighting?

    Task lighting can be more ergonomic (comfortable), increase productivity, provide greater control, and save money.

  • What is “task lighting”?

    Any light source designed specifically to direct light onto work performed by a person or machine is considered task lighting. When O.C. White first began designing light fixtures, he coined the term “applied illumination.”

  • What is the advantage of an adjustable-arm task light?

    Personal control. We can adjust the level of light for our individual viewing comfort. Our posture changes during the day. Our tasks vary to some degree. If we have windows, light in the room changes from morning to evening. In ... Read More

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