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Since our inception, the O.C. White Company has designed and built products to help professionals light, view and manage their work with perfection. In the 1950s, we designed a series of microphone booms that became standard in the industry and are still used by millions of customers to this day. Our newest mic and monitor arms were designed specifically to look and perform flawlessly while being on camera to give your studio a modern look.

The need to reach new audiences has introduced more and more video cameras into recording studios. Our new Ultima® Scalable Monitor System (SMS) and Mic Arms keep the booms low and out of view, while placing monitors exactly where the talent needs them. Camera operators get their clean shots, and hosts can see their guests while interviewing them. The Ultima® SMS system is fully customizable and expandable to fit the needs of any studio.

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The ProBoom® Elite series is able to be adjusted silently and effortlessly; music wire springs support even heavier microphones and adjustments are squeak-free. Each microphone boom in the series features a patented wire channel to run cabling through, keeping your recording studio uncluttered and cosmetically appealing.

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Both the Elite® and Ultima® systems are compatible with our Mic-Lites®. Easily mounted just below the microphone, these indicators make it visually clear when you’re live and on air. These can be retrofitted onto your mic arms after purchase, so you can choose to purchase when you are ready. Having dual colored LED’s (Red and White), everyone will be aware when the mic is live, and when it is not.

We have been producing task light fixtures since the 1950s. From drafting tables, to industrial benches and offices, our fixtures are the highest quality you can find from any manufacturer.

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Since 1883, O.C. White has been building industry leading armatures to support products of all shapes and sizes. Our monitor support systems are used in broadcast control rooms, 911 call centers, manufacturing facilities, offices, hospitals, among many other applications. See why our customers continue to choose O.C .White first for their monitor support needs.

O.C. White’s Ultima® SMS(scalable monitor and mic system) provides an easily scalable system of rugged monitor arms. The arms can hold between one and six monitors, each monitor weighing between 4-14lbs. Cabling is hidden inside the arms for a clean appearance. In addition to monitors, the arms can support microphones, magnifiers, and document holders. Start with one of pre-configured, complete package offerings, or customize your workspace the way you want it!

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