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Magnifying Lamps

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Magnifying Lamps

O.C. White’s magnifying lamps are the highest output inspection lighting tools in the world. For instance, crown white optical glass means you’ll find none of the green tint or odd distortion found in cheaper lenses. Additionally, the rugged, metal armatures assure durability and precise placement. Finally, they are also the most energy efficient. Whatever your inspection need—LED, ultraviolet, or fluorescent—you’ll find our magnifiers will improve the quality of your work and comfort doing it.

Green-Lite® LED magnifying lamps are our best selling ESD safe magnifiers. The four lamp sizes are available in ten different colors. Additionally, they all use next generation surface mount LEDs to produce more light  (comparable to a 150-watt halogen) with less glare. Furthermore, they consume less power and last longer than standard magnifiers. The lights are both fully dimmable and directional. Other options include all UV lights, or a combination with white lights.

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Available in a great range of colors
Shadow White
Carbon Black
Blaze Red
Blazing Yellow
Charcoal Mist
Brilliant Orange
Racing Green
Spectre Blue
Medical White

The Accu-Lite® product line provides world class magnification for precision industries. For the greatest clarity, we use only crown white optical glass in our magnifying lamps. With an ultra-sensitive touch membrane dimming switch on each shade, perfect lighting is possible for even the most challenging inspection tasks. Total power consumption is under 15w, for energy efficiency savings! The blended white 5000k light is easy on the eyes and provides balanced color rendition.

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Our Magnilite® fluorescent series has been the industry standard amongst magnifying lamps since the 1950s. The Magnilite® brand includes our Vision-Lite®, Standard Magnilite®, and our Deluxe Magnilite®. They all have unique attributes, but have a common theme—the highest quality, ESD safe, fluorescent magnifiers you can buy anywhere, for any price.

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Our value line of fluorescent magnifying lamps provide excellent optics, with lightweight arm and shade construction. Offered in a standard 5” round lens size, it’s the perfect lamp for retail use, as well as any light operations not exceeding a single shift per work day.

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