MicroZoom Modular High Magnification Digital Microscope – Ball Bearing Base



Unrivaled Modular Configurations

A next generation digital microscope for inspection should have the ability to handle production and quality assurance tasks, as well as be able to be scaled for future higher magnification requirements. MicroZoom does both. This ultra-high magnification inspection family includes the highest resolution lenses in the industry and the largest available optical magnification range (up to 445x).

Software built-in to the camera can be operated with a wireless mouse (included), offering a wide arrange of labeling and measurement features. An additional program is also included free (a $595 value) with an even more impressive array of measurement and annotating features (such as extended depth of field stacking and image stitching), but it requires a separate Windows PC to operate.

With its simple modular assembly and biggest selection of accessories (CCD adapters, right angle adapters, and auxiliary lenses), upgrading to higher magnification ranges and various working distances could not be easier.

Specialized Fine Focus Adjustment

Inspecting products under a traditional microscope requires the operator to constantly raise and lower the unit to see components at different heights. With the Microzoom, a special knurled adjustment at the bottom of the main lens allows for fine refocusing both upwards and downwards—without ever changing the height of the inspection system! Especially convenient when working at high magnification, this specialized adjustable focal length design allows for precision refocusing without any loss of image fidelity.

For when you need additional lighting options for your applications.

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MicroZoom Modular High Magnification Digital Microscope features include:

  • Standard magnification range of 35 – 220x (up to 445x with options)
  • 6MP Ultra-Cam™ II Hybrid HDMI/USB Camera
  • Camera includes Advanced Imaging & Measurement Software Suite (AIMS) built in
  • AIMS includes on-screen controls via wireless mouse for Image/Video Capture, Live vs. Frozen Image comparison, Calibrated Measurement, Labeling, Digital Noise Reduction, Export to Excel, and more
  • Wireless mouse included
  • Additionally, exclusive PC suite software extension combines all features listed above, along with extended depth of field stacking, image stitching, and more (PC needed)
  • 16” Double Ball Bearing Base
  • The base model does not include a light, but several options are available
  • ESD Safe
  • Made in the USA with domestic and global parts
  • 5 year mechanical warranty

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 22 in
Product Line


Light Source (Optional)

Mounting Style


ESD Safe


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