Super-Scope® AF+ Intelligent Auto Focus Digital Microscope – Articulated Arm Base



Super-Scope® AF+ Intelligent Auto Focus Digital Microscope is the ultimate ergonomic inspection station! This unique inspection system boasts features found on much more expensive equipment. Its freestanding design with an included 12″ monitor allows for use anywhere on the manufacturing floor… no need for a PC!

Its variable focal design means you have an unlimited working distance. This allows you to manipulate large objects as you inspect them, or you can place the camera at some distance from what you need to inspect. Compatible with all Micro-Lite® Illuminators, but does not include one. (Shown with Micro-Lite® LV2000-B) ESD Safe

Add-on lighting options

Select a light from the list below to add to your microscope or visual inspection system.


Standard Features

  • 1080p Manual/Auto Focus Camera with HDMI & USB2 Ports
  • Variable focal design allows unlimited working distance
  •  1 – 40x optical magnification (optional 2x lens available)
  •  Integrated 12” Screen
  • Articulated arm base (other bases available)
  • Advanced Onboard Imaging Controls
  • Does not include an additional light, but compatible with our line of Micro-Lite® Illuminators

Onboard Software Features (No PC Required)

  • Image & video capture
  • Browse saved images
  • Split-screen compare
  • Live vs frozen image comparison
  • Calibrated Measurement
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Moveable Region of Focus for Auto Focus Mode
  • Data Export to Excel or TXT File and more!



Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 15 × 12 in


Mounting Style


100 Volt – 240 Volt

ESD Safe


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