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Industry-leading microscope illumination
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Micro-Lite® is synonymous with cutting edge, highest performance microscope illumination. High-powered magnification coupled with dimmable lighting brings even the tiniest, most hidden details into focus. We have dozens of microscope lighting options to fit every need and most microscopes on the market today.

Fully Dimmable

We have a wide selection of LED microscope lights for every application. The Micro-Lite® LV2000 series offers instant-on performance without flicker. Fully dimmable with an integrated switch on the shade, it provides the longest lifespan in the industry. The Micro-Lite® LED5000 line is designed for customers who require precision focused lighting for lower working distance applications.

Quadrant Control

For customers who require something more rugged, our Micro-Lite® Quadrant Control High Output 80 LED fits the bill. Featuring a precision CNC machined housing with black anodized finish, this illuminator offers two precision angled rows of LEDs with complete quadrant control. Also available in a combination white light/ultraviolet light model, with same dimming and quadrant functionally as the white light model.

LED Lightbox

Finally, a modern solution to replace the 150w Halogen light-box! This Micro-Lite® Dimmable High Output LED Light Box features the industry’s highest performing high-output LEDs, making it a viable alternative to the traditional hot and energy-inefficient halogen light sources. It maintains perfect light uniformity, consistent color temperature, and has a 25,000+ hour life span.

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Using rare-earth tri-phosphors, the Micro-Lite® FL1000and FV1000  are the highest quality, whitest, and brightest fluorescent ring illuminators on the market. Available in fully dimmable and high/low, the Micro-Lite® line of ESD Safe fluorescent illuminators features unique technology that allows increased lumen output per watt, for greater cost savings over the life.

The FL1000 ring light features exclusive easy-out bulbs. A right angle pin design allows for two finger removal and installation of our new bulbs, greatly reducing down time. Flicker free performance reduces worker fatigue.

Our FV1000 model is fully dimmable from 100-25%, simply by turning an integrated switch. This allows viewing of circuit boards, specimens and other critical applications at full intensity, or reduced lumen output.

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If all-out light intensity is what you seek, this is the product line for you. Our highest output illuminators, the Micro-Lite® 150w Halogen Light Sources come in various fiber optic configurations and are our highest performance series. We offer two distinct fiber optic styles; annular ring (FL3000-A) and bifurcated dual gooseneck (FL3000-D). For lighting of various diameter lens systems, we offer numerous annular ring sizes.

With its all metal construction, this light source is ESD safe and designed to stand up to years of use. Burned up fiber optics are a thing of the past: included on all Micro-Lite® 150w Halogen Light Sources is an internal IR filter. This retains all heat to the power box and allows cool, bright light to enter the fiber optic cable. The solid state design of the series provides up to 45% more light than the competition.

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