ProZoom® 6.5 Trinocular Microscope with 6MP Hybrid HDMI/USB Camera with 22″ LCD – Articulating Arm Base



Introducing the ProZoom® 6.5 Trinocular Microscope Bundle – Your All-in-One Digital Microscopy Solution! Explore the microscopic world with precision using the detented zoom stops and super-wide 10x eyepieces. Capture stunning 6MP images and videos with the included Hybrid HDMI/USB Camera, viewable on the crisp 22″ LCD monitor. With advanced imaging software, adjustable eyepieces, and an articulating arm base for flexibility, this bundle offers unparalleled magnification, control, and convenience. Unveil the hidden details and secure your 5-Year Mechanical Warranty today!

Add-on lighting options

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The ProZoom® 6.5 Trinocular Microscope with 6MP Hybrid HDMI/USB Camera with 22″ LCD – Articulating Arm Base Includes:

This exceptional package includes:

  • Exclusive Detented Zoom Stops: Navigate with precision, ensuring your focus is always spot-on.
  • Super-Wide (28mm) 10x Eyepieces: Immerse yourself in breathtaking details.
  • ESD Safe Standard: Empowering safe usage in sensitive environments.
  • Standard Range 5-65x (up to 390x with optional parts): Versatile magnification for every scenario.
  •  .3x CCD Adapter: Seamlessly integrate imaging components for advanced analysis.
  • 6MP Ultra-Cam™ II Hybrid HDMI/USB Digital Camera: Capture, measure, and explore with impeccable clarity.
  • 22″ LCD Monitor: Crystal-clear visualization right at your fingertips.
  • AIMS Advanced Imaging & Measurement Software Suite: Effortless control for precise analysis.
  • On-Screen Controls via Wireless Mouse: Capture, Compare, Measure, Label – all effortlessly.
  • Digital Noise Reduction: Enhance clarity for impeccable results.
  • Export to Excel: Seamlessly integrate data for comprehensive analysis.
  • Calibrated Measurement: Accurate measurements for in-depth insights.
  • PC Suite Software Extension: Unlock even more features, including depth of field stacking and image stitching.
  • ±6 Diopter Adjustable Eyepieces: Correct for individual eyesight variations.
  • Greater Working Distance, Magnification Range & Field of View: Unleash unprecedented exploration.
  • 45° Eyetube Inclination: Comfortable positioning for extended use.
  • Articulating Arm Base: Flexibility and stability for effortless maneuvering.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: 20mm Drop Arm & Table Clamp included for adaptability.
  • 15″ Tall Riser: Perfect positioning for any task.
  • Secure Optics Attachment: Lock-in optics with confidence.
  • Easy On-the-Fly Adjustments: Swiftly adapt to changing needs.

Illuminate your discoveries with the LV2000-B light (optional) and enjoy the confidence of a 5-Year Mechanical Warranty.

Lenses for the ProZoom® PZT-6.5 can be found here: PZ-OB-037 | PZ-OB-050 | PZ-OB-070 | PZ-OB-100 | PZ-OB-200

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