Ultra Exhaust Fan – Screw Down Base

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This Ultra Exhaust Fan is the world’s best bench fan. Ideal for welding, or large fume removal jobs, the 10″ fan provides 550cfm of air moving power and has UL/CSA dual finger guards. It is positioned on a 43″ Ultraflex® Arm Reach with a 3 axis locking swivel. The fan may be adjusted to move air in either direction. It comes standard with a screw down base Assembly. Carbon black finish.

It is ESD Safe.

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Product features of the Ultra Exhaust Fan include:

  • Ultra Exhaust Fan provides 550cfm of air moving power
  • UL/CSA dual finger guards
  • 43″ Ultraflex® Arm with a 3 axis locking swivel
  • Screw down base Assembly (also comes with table edge clamp)
  • Carbon black finish
  • ESD Safe
  • Made in America

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 30 in

Mounting Style



ESD Safe


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