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Bonkote™ Bon Pens are refillable flux pens. As such, they provide pinpoint accuracy for applying flux to your work area, while also eliminating dripping and flooding. Furthermore, Bonkote™ Bon Pens are easily cleaned and maintained with alcohol or water, depending on flux use. Finally, the pens are ESD Safe and RoHS compliant and accept a whole array of fluxes.

There are seven styles of pen for a wide range of uses (fine point, broad point, long point, knife point, extra-fine point, etc). Both the tips and cartridges are available for purchase, so you can reuse either for extended lengths, without having to continually buy entire new assemblies. Additionally, you can use a single cartridge, and buy the various replacement tips to save on costs. The special polymer used in the cartridge allows for repeated use, without performance degradation.

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These handy refillable flux Bon pens from Bonkote™ allow for very accurate flux dispensing on the work area, eliminating dripping and flooding. They are easily cleaned and maintained with alcohol or water, depending on Flux use.

Product includes:

  • Reusable flux applicator
  • Replaceable tips & cartridge
  • Low cost, 7cc capacity
  • Fine point
  • Flexible shafts
  • Controlled application/no mess
  • Used with non-wash, wash, or strong acid flux
  • Excellent for spot soldering on IC chips
  • This SKU sold in 7 pack

This sample package has one of each style pen (BON-102/B/D/F/K/S/T) and is great for those looking to find the best pen for their application.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 8 in

ESD Safe


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