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O.C. White Unveils Industry Exclusive IoT-Enabled Intelligent Auto Focus Super-Scope® at APEX

February 12, 2018

O.C. White, the world’s oldest and most respected industrial lighting & inspection manufacturer, is pleased to unveil to the world the next generation of intelligent inspection solutions at the 2018 IPC APEX Expo (Booth 1116).

O.C. White’s wildly popular Super-Scope® Ergonomic HD Inspection system now boasts improved productivity and features with new AF+ Intelligent Auto Focus technology. This Intelligent system boasts all of the image capture, compare, measure, and compilation features you expect from a world class inspection system, but also with choice of manual or auto focus.

The specialized focus design allows for an operator to choose between manual and auto focus settings. In auto focus mode, the operator controls the region of interest where focusing should be determined. This adjustable feature is found in no other systems available on the market today. A full companion PC software suite is included for more advanced imaging functions and controls.

This unique inspection tool is also offered with an optional secure Wi-Fi enabled video stream service to your smart phone or tablet! This makes remote viewing a snap. With clean-room installations in mind, this option allows for remote viewing of ‘in process’ user inspection without the need to be suited up!

Other new products for 2018 on display will be extended working distance ProZoom® 4.5 and Ergo-Zoom® microscope products, a brand new high magnification video inspection solution and high output LED microscope illumination.

The only way to experience the O.C. White Advantage is in person. Come see for yourself why O.C. White is the standard for lighting & inspection for the electronic industry.

O.C. White has been designing & manufacturing industry specific lighting & inspection products since 1883. O.C. White’s 135-year history of quality and innovation have been adopted by the biggest names in electronics & aerospace industries as their go-to inspection provider for mission critical applications. For more information, please email O.C. White at info@ocwhite.com, call (413) 289-1751, or visit www.ocwhite.com

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