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What our customers say about us

5 stars not enough.. hands down the best after-sale service ever. I will definitely be buying from this company again. Great product backed by great service. Thank you and keep up the good (made in MA!) work, TJ Thompson

TJ Thompson - TJ Thompson Guitars INC

I just wanted to say Thank You for the fantastic service you folks did on fixing our broken magnifier. You folks are awesome. We were so happy to get this unit back in operation along with the other three O C Whites that we use. Thank You for building such a damn good American made product. Now you need to get the consumers to take better care of their equipment. Please share this with others involved with our repair needs.

Ron Kline - Centerpoint Tungsten LLC

In today's world of junk products and a throw away mentality it's nice to see a company who still makes products that will last. This is the first replacement bulb I have had to get for my BIG EYE in 20 years of daily use. Don't know if I will be around for 20 more years, I'm 67 now but if I am I'll send you a E mail or what ever we have then, and let you know how the Big Eye is holding up,ha,ha. Thanks again for a great product.

Tom Jerow - Happily Retired

We just installed the ProBoom Ultima three-arm roundtable unit in our studio and it's by far the best mic arm system we've ever had. We've used dozens of different configurations in our studio dating back to 2003 - always updating and looking for the best solution. Nothing compares to O.C. White's new Ultima arms.

Other mic arms were either too restrictive, or too bulky and loud. We needed something sleek and well built that wouldn't get in the way of our cameras, and this design is perfect. Other units have cheap enclosures for the cables that either fall off or don't hide the cable well. We've even tried similar units to the ProBoom, but they had the XLR cable built in, forcing you to solder on connectors - and if the cable inside goes bad, you're screwed.

We originally got this unit because our old mic booms were blocking our faces and the cameras in our studio. However, blocking our faces wasn't only bad for the cameras, but bad for the conversation! I never realized how much I was moving around just to see our guests eyes! It feels so much more open and relaxed in here now.

I frequently move back and forth to a few different positions in the studio, and the mic glides with me beautifully. They also fold back really nicely when you're not using them, leaving me with much more space on my desk. Super easy to install as well. I think I got them set up in about 20 minutes.

They look super clean and definitely give our studio a much more polished look. Everyone who comes in here compliments them. One of the best studio upgrades we've had in a while.

Mike David - The Red Bar Radio Show

Hi folks! Just installed a model 82400-4 in my cleanroom for visual inspection. Gotta say, when the unit arrived I was floored by the sturdiness of the assembly; it's rare for me to order something (relatively) sight unseen and have it exceed my expectations. The variety of settings is what makes it superior; we'll have an easier time of inspecting with variations of lighted sides and intensities. Kudos to all of you, and your company will be my go-to first now.

Jeremy Audritsh - Xerox

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