ProZoom® 4.5 Extended Working Distance Binocular Microscope – Ultima™ EPS Base – Fluorescent Ring Light – ESD Safe



ProZoom® 4.5 Extended Working Distance Microscope with Exclusive Detented Zoom Stops; Super-Wide (28mm) 10X Eyepieces; Standard Range 7-45x (up to 270X with optional parts); Ultima™ EPS Base, Easy 360° main body rotation; ±6 Diopter Adjustable eyepieces to correct individual eyesight variations; 45° Eyetube inclination; ESD Safe Standard; Micro-Lite® Fluorescent Ring Light (FL1000)

For when you need additional lighting options for your application.

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The Standard Has Been Upgraded

The most common microscope you will find across all factory floors are 7-45x models. These have always been the workhorse of industry, and there are no signs that this will change. We are proud to offer our ProZoom® PZE-4.5 Extended model as the new standard in production microscopy. With the largest standard working distance and largest standard eyepieces available, next level performance meets a budget-friendly price.

  • ESD Safe
  • 7-45x standard magnification range (up to 270x with options)
  • Super-wide 28mm high eyepoint wide field eyepieces
  • 45° eyepiece angle with 360° rotation in focusing arm
  • 190mm of working distance with .5x aux lens (standard)
  • +/- 6 diopter eyepiece adjustment range
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment on eyepiece tubes
  • Ultima™ EPS Base assembly for precision movement
  • 5 year mechanical warranty

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 22 in
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Mounting Style

Light Source (Optional)



ESD Safe


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