ProBoom® Ultima® Gen2 Five LD Monitors SMS Package

SKU: SMS-LD-5-13


The ProBoom® Ultima® Five LD Monitors SMS Package supports five monitors. The arms can be repositioned quickly and easily and include hidden wire management channels for a clean look and tidy workspace. As with all ProBoom® Ultima® products, the modular design makes expansion a snap.


The products listed below are the individual parts and features that make up the ProBoom® Ultima® Gen2 Five LD Monitors SMS Package. (SMS-LD-5-13)


  • ProBoom® Ultima® Gen2 EPS 30″ Tall 4-Way Modular Clamp Base Assembly (15000-30-13)
  • ProBoom® Ultima® Gen2 Dual Post Mounting Bracket (PMB-2-13) x2
  • ProBoom® Ultima® Gen2 Top-Center Post Mounting Bracket ( PMB-VESA-13)
  • ProBoom® Ultima® Gen2 ULP Black Monitor Arm with VESA plate and an 8” fixed horizontal arm (SMS-LD-13) 4x


  • 5-15lb. Holding Power (for lighter monitors, consider the (SMS-5-13)
  • Reach Of Less Than 22”
  • Durable VESA Plate
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Quick Release Joints
  • Pro Stop Rotations of 360°, 180°, 90°
  • Spring Tension Balance Gauge
  • Monitor adjustment knobs
  • Black Finish with Black Features
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty

Four-way Modular Clamp Assembly Explained

The Four-way Modular Clamp Assembly offers four different ways to mount your system: table edge clamp, table grommet clamp, screw-down, and bolt-through. The booms attach to the 30″ Vertical Riser Assembly. Add a monitor or two, a document reader, or even more microphones—customize a solution to fit your exact needs.


*Only select configurations of the Limited Edition ProBoom® Ultima® line are represented on the site, but all are available. If you don’t see the configuration you’re looking for in red and black, please contact us.

*Not Compatible with First Generation of Ultima® Products*

*Monitor Not Included

For our complete selection of clamps, risers, extension arms, and connectors, please visit Monitor Stand Accessories

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs


Mounting Stud


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