Deluxe Magnilite® Magnifier

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Our industry standard Magnilite® Deluxe 5″ Magnilite! This American made, ESD safe magnifier has been the industry standard since the late 1950s. It has a high output, 22 watt circular bulb which provides crisp, even illumination. Standard magnification of 1.75x (3 diopter) as well as optional 2.25x (5 diopter).  Features a table edge clamp, 43″ reach, and a glare free bulb.


Product features include:

  • Magnilite® Deluxe 5″ Magnilite® Magnifier
  • 3 Diopter (1.75X) lens (5 Diopter (2.25X) lens Optional)
  • ESD Safe construction
  • 43″ Reach
  • Table Edge Clamp
  • Glare Free Bulb

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 30 in




Product Line


Mounting Style


ESD Safe


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