Accu-Lite® Compact Video Zoom



The Accu-Lite® Compact Video Zoom is a complete, ergonomic, compact, entry-level video inspection solution. It can be used for inspection, documentation, reporting, and more. Along with a base and armature, it includes an 5MP camera, optics for video microscopy, two sets of adjustable LED ring lights, and a 12.5” monitor.

Video inspection systems like the Accu-Lite® Compact Video Zoom are more ergonomic to use than traditional microscopes, and they offer much greater versatility.

Generally, someone using a microscope needs to be leaning forward, with their face close to the eyepieces. Used over long periods of time, this can cause neck and eye strain. With the lens millimeters from the subject on a traditional microscope, it’s difficult to manipulate an object while you’re viewing it.

The Accu-Lite® Compact Video Zoom removes these limitations.

With magnified images viewed on a computer screen, operators are free to sit, stand and move around. A working distance between 33mm and 320mm eliminates most size restrictions for what can be viewed beneath the lens. Circuit boards, complex mechanisms, organic substances—if you can hold it in your hand, it can be magnified, photographed, and videoed. With the Accu-Lite® Compact Video Zoom’s flexible mounting arm, the camera can be tilted to magnify the side of an object, or from a different viewing perspective.

Software is built into the system, which can be operated via buttons on the camera and onscreen menus. The software provides control over image quality and offers a choice between capturing still images and recording video. Image files can be saved to a TF card slot in the body of the camera to be reviewed later (card not included).

A ring of LED lights immediately surrounding the camera lens helps pick out unseen details. A second set of LED lights further from the lens offer greater contrast to objects, illuminating textures and enhancing the sense of dimensionality. Both sets of lights can be fine-tuned with easily accessible knobs.


This entry-level video inspection system features include:

  • 3.5 MP 1080i camera
  • 8MP lens
  • Light-weight, compact design
  • Rotatable and flexible camera support
  • Convenient manual focus knob on top of camera
  • Large working distance (from 33mm to 320mm)
  • Magnification from 4.8x to 55x
  • 12.5” monitor adjusts for best viewing angle
  • On-screen menus for easy use
  • Dual LED ring lights with adjustable controls—greater detail, better sense of dimension
  • Max image resolution: 2304 x 1536, format: JPG
  • Max video resolution: 1280 x 720, 30fps, format: MOV
  • TF card slot, supports up to 64GB card (not included)
  • Built-in microphone to add annotations to videos

Built-in software features include:

  • White balance
  • Exposure
  • Sharpness
  • Contrast
  • Freeze frame
  • Crosshairs
  • HDR
  • And more…

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 13 in


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