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NEW 5MP Digital Trinocular


ProZoom® 6.5 5MP Digital Trinocular

The ProZoom® 6.5 family of microscopes provides the largest standard working distance, largest magnification range, and largest eyepieces available on a stereo zoom microscope. The ProZoom® 6.5 microscopes outperform the competition, even those at double the cost! There truly is no equal!

The ProZoom® 6.5 series of Binocular and Trinocular microscopes are one of the highest performance stereo microscopes on the market. With a standard magnification range of 5-65x, and optional range up to 390x, there is no inspection task that this microscope cannot tackle. The optical design of this microscope affords the largest standard working distance from any manufacturer, which is great for todays modern manufacturing environment. 

The ESD safe design of this microscope is by all metal construction. Many imported microscopes include plastic components, or topical ESD coatings that will degrade over time. The ProZoom® 6.5 series is ESD safe by construction, and will stay ESD safe over the life of the product.

The ProZoom® 6.5 series comes in two basic styles, binocular and true Trinocular. Unlike low end imported models, our Trinocular microscope body features true Trinocular viewing. What this means, is that you no longer have to sacrifice an eyepiece image, to redirect the image to the video port. You can use the ProZoom® 6.5 Trinocular as a standard stereo zoom microscope, as well as be able to view video on an LCD screen, or on a PC, in real time.

For our NEW 5MP Digital version, we are proud to offer our exclusive 5MP Digital Camera. The included Advanged Imaging & Measurement software suite runs on all versions of Microsoft® Windows as well as Mac OSX. In USB mode, you have a choice of viewing the real time images at 2MP (1920x1080), but you can capture at either 2MP or 5MP! The suite includes live viewing, still image capture, measurement, extended depth of field focusing, noise reduction, screen inversion, ROI binning and so many more! The low light sensitivity that our exclusive 5MP camera posesses, has no match. This scientific grade camera can be used for all imaging needs... it is even sensitive enough to use in fluorescence imaging! The included SD card allows for quick transfer of still images to any external PC for archiving, emailing, or documenting in-process.

Unlike all other competition, this camera is actually two-in-one. This camera also features an HDMI port, so you can support a second monitor or overhead projector... which turns this amazing microscope into a cutting edge training tool! image capture, digital zoom, screen inversion, ROI binning, and more!  

  • ESD Safe and RoHS Compliant
  • Standard Magnification Range 10X - 65X
  • All Metal Construction
  • With optional accessories, can achieve up to 390x
  • 190mm of working distance with .5x objective lens
  • Super Wide 28mm High Eye Point and Wide Field eyepiece
  • Eye tube Inclination of 45°, and main body can be rotated 360° in holder
  • ±6 Diopter Adjustments on Eyepiece tubes
  • Interpupillary Distance Adjustment Range is 52mm~76mm
  • Trinocular Package Includes .3x CCD Adapter
  • Choice of HD or 5MP Digital Inspection Packages
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Glide Arm Base Assembly Standard
  • Choice of Illuminators, Including High Output LED Ring Light
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty
  • Various Base Styles Available
  • 230v Versions Available, Consult Factory
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