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ESD Safe Microscopes

There is good reason you find O.C. White microscopes on the production floor of almost every major Electronics Manufacturing Services firm, Defense Contractors, & Aerospace giants... they demand nothing but the highest quality. Whether your inspection task calls for a simple laboratory style stereo zoom microscope, a dual-camera, ergonomically adjustable modular CMO (common main objective microscope, or something in the middle... O.C. White has you covered.

ProZoom® Stereo-Zoom SZ-4.5 (ESD Safe)
Our most popular microscope! This industrial workhorse provides standard magnifcation of 7-45x, in an all metal construction design with ESD safety in mind. This has been the defacto standard across precision manufacturing and provides an excellent value for the money. Many different base styles and illuminator choices are available.

ProZoom® Extended Working Distance PZE-4.5 (ESD Safe)
This is one of our newest models! The PZE provides the standard working distance range precision manufacturing demands, but pairs it with increased working distances, greater fields of view, and more comfortable super-wide 28mm eyepieces! This next level microscope family excels in applications where hand tools (including soldering irons) need to be manipulated underneath the microscope.

ProZoom® 6.5 (ESD Safe)
In a class all its own!
 Our PZ-6.5 is a true standout in production microscopy. It has an industry leading standard magnification range of 5-65x, with options that can take it up to 390x! Available in both binocular and trinocular configurations, no other microscope on the market beats its standard magnification range, working distance, and field of view! Trinocular models are paired with our specialized Ultra-Cam® II Hybrid 5MP Digital Camera.

Ergo-Zoom® Ergonomic Position Zoom (ESD Safe)
The newest addition to the Ergo-Zoom® family. Our Ergonomic Position Zoom 8-50x and 8-80x model blend the best ergonomic functions of our more expensive models, with a more traditional microscope design. Now you can have adjustable angle eyepieces, as well as upgraded high resolution internal optics with greater working distances standard. Talk about premium features at a mid level price range!

Ergo-Zoom® Modular (ESD Safe)
Our highest performing microscope! Available in choice of three standard magnification ranges (8-50x, 8-65x and 8-80x), with options allowing up to 320x... there are limitless configurations to custom tailor a microscope package to your exacting needs. Need more working distance AND magnification? Choose a lower strength objective lens, with a higher strength zoom body for the perfect combination! 0-30 Degree Adjustable eypiece angle is standard, and you have the ability to turn any binocular model into a trinocular model with ease! Due to its modular design, you can add video at any time. You have also future-proofed your magnification needs, as all options can be changed down the line to grow with your magnification needs.

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