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Micro-Lite® LED


Micro-Lite® LED Illumination

Perfection? We think so. Our LV2000 satisfies three of the largest complaints about microscope illumination… long life span, low operating costs, high lumen output. Combined with the fact that it is ESD Safe, there is no reason to buy any other LED ring light! Made in the USA.

The Micro-Lite® LV2000 is our newest ring illuminator. It features the newest surface mount LED technology that is paired with our exclusive design criteria, to make the highest performance, longest operating, lowest cost LED ring illuminator sold today! The days of having to buy replacement bulbs are a thing of the past!

Our ESD Safe LV2000 features instant-on performance, with zero flicker. It is fully dimmable, from 100-0% with an integrated switch on the shade. Our exclusive design also allows for all circuitry to be hidden inside the shade. All other competitors rely on desktop controller boxes for their dimming units… another Micro-Lite® advantage!

Our exclusive heat management system ensures supreme light output, for many years to come. The special thermal transfer system quickly and efficiently cools the LED array, for the longest life span in the industry. We are the only manufacturer to invest such extensive time and money into the development of the world’s best LED ring illuminator.

The Micro-Lite® LV2000 features an auto switchable 100-240v (50/60hz) power supply, and boasts worldwide regulatory approvals. What this means is that this one unit, can be sold anywhere across the world with nothing more than a cord change for the destination country of choice.           

Unlike many of the low end imported and domestic competition, our LV2000 LED array is the only one that can be replaced in the field, as well as can have individual LED chips be repaired, further reducing operating costs over the life span. Many other designs are simply one time use ‘throw away’ builds. We stand behind the LV2000 with our iron clad 5 Year / 50,000 Hour Prorated Warranty.

  • Made in the USA
  • ESD Safe and RoHS Compliant
  • Flicker Free and Dimmable from 100 – 0%
  • 100-240v (50/60hz) Auto Switchable Power Supply with Worldwide Approvals
  • 2.35” (60mm) Mounting Ring Diameter
  • 9 LED Surface Mount Array with Exclusive Thermal Management System
  • No Desktop Controller Box
  • Black or White Molded Shade
  • Many Microscope Adapters Available for Most Microscopes On the Market Today
  • 5 Year / 50,000 Hour Prorated Warranty
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