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Micro-Lite® Fiber Optic


Micro-Lite® Fiber Optic Illuminators

Our highest output illuminators, the 150w Halogen illuminators come in various fiber optic configurations. If all-out intensity is what you seek, this is the product line for you. Made in the USA.

The Fiber Optic line of illuminators from Micro-Lite® are our highest performance series. We offer two distinct fiber optic styles; annular ring and bifurcated dual gooseneck. We offer numerous annular ring sizes, for lighting of various diameter lens systems.

The key to our success with the Micro-Lite® Fiber Optic series is not one parameter… the devil is in the details. No more will you have to deal with burned up fiber optics. Included standard on all Micro-Lite® Fiber Optic illuminators is an internal IR filter. This retains all heat to the power box, and allows cool, bright light to enter the fiber optic cable. The solid state design of the FL3000 series provides up to 45% more light than the competition.

All metal construction, and ESD safety go hand in hand. The FL3000 is overbuilt, to stand up to years of use and abuse. Our annular ring light guides are machined for an extremely slim profile, to allow for maximum working distance when mounted underneath a microscope. We also have a large array of custom sized nosepieces, to allow use of other manufacturer’s fiber optic light guides. Please inquire about sizes available.

One of the unique features of the FL3000 series is our Fully Variable Intensity Control. Our specialized circuitry features a ‘rolling start’ transformer. What this means, is that instead of being able to turn the light onto high intensity from the start, which greatly degrades the bulb and component life, the FL3000 circuits have a millisecond voltage ramp up, which greatly extends the life of the components and bulbs.

Bulb replacement is also incredible simple on the FL3000. The bulb is holstered in a spring loaded mechanism that by the push of a lever uninstalls the bulb for you. Simply push a new bulb in place, and you are online again. It could not be simpler!

Our most popular model is the FL3000-A. This annular ring light source is 36” long, and features a 2.35” (60mm) ID machined ring. This fits onto most microscopes manufactured today. We do have other diameter fiber annular rings available, and can manufacture custom fibers.

The FL3000-D is our bifurcated dual gooseneck, with 18” of total fiber reach. With this package, we include standard a set of focusable lenses on the fiber, to allow optimum light dispersion. You can focus the light into very tight circles, or remove the lenses for a wide broadcast of light. The choice is up to you. 

  • Made in the USA
  • ESD Safe and RoHS Compliant
  • Available in Two Standard Configurations
  • Many Different Nosepiece Diameters Available for Other Diameter Fiber Leads
  • Intense, cool, white light due to the internal IR filter
  • Cool, solid state design with 45% more light
  • Extremely slim profile of annular light guide for maximum working distance
  • Bifurcated Dual Gooseneck  Includes Two Focusable Lenses
  • Aluminum and Steel Construction for Years of Use and Abuse
  • Silent fan provides quiet, vibration free operation
  • Solid State Operation - no rheostats to heat up and fail
  • Optional color filter kit (#CFK-3)
  • 1 Year Electrical Warranty
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