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Halo Magnilite®


Halo Magnilite®

A specialized opaque magnifier, that was years ahead of its time! There is no other magnifier on the market that offers the benefits of our Halo, along with the industrial quality O.C. White is synonymous for. Made in the USA.

Our exclusive Halo shade, encloses our optical quality 5” lens. This translucent shade minimizes the contrast between the magnifying lens, and the magnifier shade. With the contrast reduced, eye fatigue is greatly reduced, and overall operator comfort increases. The main lens is available in 3 Diopter (1.75X) only, but a 5 Diopter (2.25x) add-on lens (#14015) snaps in for increased magnification.

Our Halo is available in 25” and 45” reaches, and with a variety of bases. A 22 watt cool white bulb provides diffused, soft lighting. Finishes include standard Shadow White or Black hard coat finish. Special counterbalanced Ultraflex® arms allow for easy movements, and perfect positioning.

  • Made in the USA
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Injection molded, UV resistant, Translucent molded shade
  • Crown White Optical Quality 5”, 3 Diopter (1.75X) Lens
  • Inner reflective liner
  • Optional 3 Diopter snap-on lens (#14015)
  • 22 watt Circline cool white bulb (#13367)
  • 25” and 45” Reaches Available
  • Standard Shadow White or Black Finishes
  • Steel & aluminum construction
  • Choice of mounting options
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty…best in the business

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