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Uniflex® Gooseneck

This is where we started. These fixtures propelled us onto the world stage as THE premier machine light builder in the first half of the 20th century. Almost every single machine built from 1900-1950 had an O.C. White machine light installed on it from the factory. The first, the best… the true original. Made in the USA since 1883.

Bridgeport® milling machines, drill presses, lathes and most types of devices used in today’s machine shops have benefited from our incandescent Uniflex® and Ultraflex® lamps for almost a century. Constructed with an oil resistant thermal shade and a bright inner liner, it produces excellent illumination and rotates 360° at any angle. Just spin the shade in any direction to angle the light exactly where you need it.

We manufacture many different styles of fixtures… some bench mounted, some wall mounted, and some that are direct mounting to conduit. Our exclusive anti-vibration steel arms are rugged, yet flexible with a twisting elbow at every joint. The common thread between all of the fixtures is the gratuitous use of steel and cast iron. These are no throw away lamps, these are an investment! There is no comparison in quality and craftsmanship, between an O.C. White fixture, and anyone elses.

We utilize a superior 3 piece, solid machined brass socket, to provide years of use. There are no cheap ‘press fit’ sockets here. We save that for the low end import manufacturers. All fixtures are provided with a 3 wire grounded cord. The versatility and rugged construction of our fixtures do not show themselves at purchase time alone. Many of our ORIGINAL light fixtures from the early 20th century are still in use in factories, or have been repurposed as lighting in the home and retail settings of some of the largest metropolitan cities in this country. If that is not a testament to our quality, nothing is!

  • Made in the USA
  • Oil resistant thermal shade that rotates 360°
  • Bright Inner Reflective Liner
  • Rubberized Gooseneck in various length on Uniflex® series
  • Cast Iron Armatures and Bases for the Ultraflex® Series
  • High Quality 3 Piece Machined Brass Socket
  • 18” Lamp and Swivel Arm Styles, Depending on fixture
  • Grounded, 3 wire cord for safety on all fixtures
  • Can use either an incandescent bulb, or modern small form CFL
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty… best in the business
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