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Which Inspection System is right for you?

Use the filters below to zero in on the perfect choice

  • Magnification Range
  • Stand Style
  • Type of Optics
  • Software Package
  • Lighting Option
10x-65x ( Range of 5x-390x with additional options)
19x-220x ( Range of 19x-445x with additional options)
1x-120x ( Range of1x-120x with different sized monitors)
3.5 - 45x (up to 210X with options)
7x-45x ( Range of 3.5x-225x with additional options)
8x-50x ( Range of 4x-200x with additional options
8x-65x ( Range of 4x-260x with additional options)
8x-80x ( Range of 4x-320x with additional options)
16" Tall Ball Bearing Weighted Base
24" Tall Ball Bearing Weighted Base
Lab base (No lights)
Standard Flex arm with vertical riser mounting
Ultima Flex arm (For modular and custom mounting)
1 camera port)
Binocular Microscope
Higher Magnification Range
Lower Magnification Range
Macrozoom (Zoom Lens)
Microzoom (Zoom Lens)
Trinocular Microscope
Trinocular Microscope (2 eye pieces
Auto- Focus Camera
No Camera
Standard HD Camera
Fiberoptic Box
Fluorescent Ring Light
LED Ring Light
No Light
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