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Bonkote™ Bon Pens


Bonkote Bon Pens

The first, the best… the Bonkote™ Bon Pens are refillable flux pens that provide pinpoint accuracy for applying flux to your work area. No one does it better or faster!

These handy Bon Pens allow for very accurate flux dispensing on the work area, while eliminating dripping and flooding. They come in 7 distinct styles, for different applications. They are very easily cleaned and maintained with alcohol or water, depending on flux use. The pens are ESD Safe and RoHS compliant, and accept a whole array of fluxes.

Both the tips and cartridges are available for purchase, so you can reuse either for extended lengths, without having to continually buy entire new assemblies. This helps lower overall operating costs.  You can also use a single cartridge, and simply buy the various replacement tips to save on costs. The special polymer used in the cartridge allows for repeated use, without performance degradation.

  • ESD Safe
  • Reusable flux applicator
  • Replaceable tips and cartridges
  • Low cost, 7cc capacity
  • Fine point, broad point, or slash cut tip styles available
  • Flexible shafts for perfect placement of flux
  • Controlled application equals no mess
  • Used with non-wash, wash, or strong acid flux
  • Excellent for spot soldering on IC chips
  • All units sold in 5 packs
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