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Applied Illumination

by O.C. White

"Next to abundant daylight, no method of lighting so well satisfies the individual doing work of an exacting nature as having his own light readily adjustable to the position desired; from any direction, at any angle, and at the right distance." - O.C. White

As Secured by:

  • White Adjustable Electric Light Fixtures
  • White Daylight Units

The term “Applied Illumination“, as distinctive from “General Illumination“, originated with us over forty years ago. Briefly, it means “a flexible system for bringing artificial lighting directly to the work at hand, as compared with a fixed system to which the work must be accommodated.” Both systems have their individual characteristics and respective uses. The system of “Applied Illumination” is indicated wherever there is a close application of individual effort; the system of “General Illumination” is adapted for the lighting of general or collective activities.

Working Light for the individual, as provided by “General Illumination” necessitates “flood-lighting” the entire area, a method not only expensive, but usually inefficient and unsatisfactory. With “Applied  Illumination” a moderate amount of “General Illumination” for general lighting purposes only, is required, the needs of the individual worker being amply fulfilled by unit adjustable lights designed for the particular requirement. In this way the highest efficiency in artificial lighting is secured, all shadows and glare on the work are eliminated, eye strain obviated, and a great saving in maintenance costs is effected, particularly in current consumption.

Applied Illumination“, to be successfully accomplished, calls for universal adjustability of the light to meet all possible conditions – an adjustability unrestricted within the required limits and which will hold the light securely in any desired position with the minimum of attention to joints or fastenings. To be enduring, the devices used must be of correct design, proper construction, and best of materials, combined with long  experience.

“White” Adjustable Fixtures are correct in every detail and provide the best-known means for securing “Applied Illumination.”  Approved by the National Board of Fire Underwriters.

“To those unfamiliar with the results secured by “Applied Illumination,” a trial installation by a partial equipment is suggested. In this way comparative results can be checked, especially of those factors so important in lowering costs – increased production, decreased spoilage, and higher morale of the workers.”

President 1883-1901

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