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Video Inspection Systems

Unlimited working distance and industry leading technology
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Visual Inspection Systems

A video inspection system magnifies objects and allows users to take photos and videos, similar to a trinocular microscope. Unlike a traditional microscope, however, our visual inspection systems have an unlimited working distance. Instead of having to slip a thin, glass slide underneath the lens, users can inspect objects of any size or complexity, viewing them from any angle. With images viewed on a computer screen, users no longer have to lean over a microscope with their eyes up against the lenses, improving ergonomics dramatically. Built-in software assists in calibration, measurement and cropping. Image comparison features help operators work more efficiently.

Our MacroZoom inspection systems combine huge working distances with magnification range up to 120x with options. Many of our competitors rely on digital zoom to enlarge images, but the MacroZoom combines a 6MP camera with built-in measurement capabilities with precise glass optics. Available with a variety of mounting solutions, including a ball-bearing stand, an articulated arm, and a lab-style base. The light sensitivity of our camera is 300x greater than the competition, making an extra light optional, but all our Micro-Lite® illuminators are compatible. The system includes built-in imaging and measurement software that can be controlled with the included wireless mouse and without a PC. A second, more advanced software package is also included that requires a Windows PC to operate.

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MicroZoom provides the highest resolution lenses and the industry’s largest available optical magnification range (up to 445x). With its simple modular assembly, upgrading to higher magnification ranges and various working distances could not be easier. With a specialized adjustable focal length design and wide selection of camera adapters, right angle adapters, auxiliary lenses, lets you rest assured there will be a configuration to meet your specific inspection challenge—and those to come in the future.

Under a traditional microscope, the operator has to constantly raise and lower the unit to see components at different heights. With MicroZoom, there is a special knurled adjustment at the bottom of the main lens. This allows for fine refocusing both upwards and downwards—without ever changing the height of the inspection system! Consequently, this feature is especially convenient when working at high magnification, enabling precision refocusing without any loss of image fidelity.

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