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Video Inspection

Unlimited working distance and industry leading technology
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Unlike a microscope, which has a very poor depth of field (the area in focus vertically at any time), our video inspection products have a greatly extended depth of field. This permits inspection of objects with varying heights, and the ability to manually manipulate items and not have them go out of focus.

The MacroZoom inspection systems combine huge working distances, with magnification levels up to 60x. The exclusive 24” tall ball bearing base allows for supreme working distance adjustability on the production bench. This lens is also available on an articulating arm, for true one touch repositioning. With every MacroZoom package, we include a ‘close up’ lens. When installed, the working distance of the package is 6-12”, and the magnification range of up to 80x. When removed, the sky is the limit for working distance!

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The Super-Scope® AF+ Auto Focus Ergonomic Inspection System pairs our exclusive auto focus 1080p camera with 12.1” Integrated LED screen. Featuring full 1080 resolution (300dpi) for super detailed heads up viewing, this camera can be run in either manual or auto focus mode. Onboard features including image & video capture, calibrated measurement, split screen live view, and more! An 8GB SD Card is included standard for easy transfer.

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