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Machine Lights

Over a century of innovation: rugged, bright, and durable
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Based in Massachusetts since the 1800s, O.C. White is the world’s oldest and most respected machine tool illumination manufacturer. From the start, O.C. White’s durable machine lights have been the choice for machine builders and operators. This is because we provide exactly what they’re looking for—cutting edge technology, the highest quality, and rugged durability. Our latest, water-proof models set the standard for LED Machine lighting. All models produce extremely bright light and are built to withstand extreme conditions—inside enclosed machinery, out in the open, and in areas where coolants are in constant use. They are perfect for CNC and EDM wet location machinery, standard and large lathes, milling machinery, metal working equipment, and tool manufacturing. We offer multiple options for bases, including rare-earth magnets.

Our newest, patented LED Linear Machine Light is the most advanced of its kind. To ensure they meet IP67 Standards, all of our linear lights are fully submerged in water before they leave our factory. They are incredibly bright, keeping your workspace well illuminated, and they’re highly efficient, keeping your electricity bill to a minimum. Up to three of these lights can be daisy chained together, running off a single power source to illuminate large machining centers. Equipped standard with rare-earth magnets, as well as through holes, so you can decide how you want to mount this to your machine.

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For smaller machining centers and smaller footprint lighting requirements, we offer the LED Spot-Lite. IP67 rated for industrial abuse. Made to withstand coolant and cutting fluids, this light sports a heavy-duty die cast aluminum body with a rugged, clear tempered safety glass to ensure safety and reliability.  The Spot-Lite comes standard with a built-in IP67 Rated dimmer switch. This means you can control the light intensity at any point without worrying about moisture leaking in your machine. Spot-lites can be inter-connected in line with our Linear machine lights to allow for both flood lighting as well as precise lighting right at the spindle.

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Our classic Ultraflex® and Uniflex® lighting solutions feature versatile and incredibly rugged designs. Models like this, built more than a century ago, can still be found in use in old factories to this day! They can easily be upgraded to include LED bulbs. Our original designs working with the newest technology the world has to offer!

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